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The REACH Indium Consortium was set up in 2011 aiming at preparing collectively for the Reach registration of Indium metal and several In(+3)compounds (oxide, hydroxide, chloride, nitrate, sulphide, antimonide ); most of the registration files are only due for the 2018-deadline.

Nevertheless, in order to progress with filling in the data-gaps, the consortium members decided, from 2011 on, to perform the missing studies, to collect data and to prepare the registration files.

Due to the very small number of Consortium members (6), the studies- and other- expenses were fully borne by those companies.

All costs and expenses of the Indium Consortium are carefully recorded; books are kept yearly since 2011, financials are reviewed externally and reported for approval by the Steering Committee of the Consortium.

The cumulated and recorded costs will probably amount 1 350 000€ in July 2018. We expected up to 15 registrations, +/- 6 for tonnages between 10-100 t/y and +/- 9 for lower tonnages <10t/y. Hence, fair contribution fee for an additional submission is fixed at 125 000€ for tonnages above >10t/y, and at 65 000€ for lower tonnages <10t/y.

All possible cash in excess remains on the bank account of the Indium Consortium and is utilized to co-finance the upcoming work requirements of the Consortium, as decided by the Steering Committee. On decision of this Committee, the remaining funds can be reimbursed, proportionally to their inputs, to all contributors, members and LoA-grantees.

The registration files will be accessible for referral through letter-of-accesses (LoA) for those who choose not to join the In-Consortium.


REACH Indium LoA
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