Indium (EC 231-180-0)
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Substance description/characteristics

  1. Name and other identifiers of the substance:
The following public name is used: Indium
Substance identity:
EC number: 231-180-0
EC name: indium
CAS number (EC inventory): 7440-74-6
IUPAC name: indium
Molecular formula: In
Molecular weight range: 114.8164
  1. Composition of the substance
Name: indium metal
State/form of the substance: solid:bulk
Degree of purity: >98 - <100 % (w/w)
Constituent Typical concentration Concentration range Remarks
EC no.: 231-180-0
>= 99,4 % (w/w) >= 98 — < 100.0 % (w/w)  
  1. Classification
  • STOT Rep. Exp. 1 - Affected organs: lungs - Route of exposure: Inhalation - H372: Causes damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure
  • Aquatic Chronic 2 - H411: Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects – M factor 1



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