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For a SIEF to operate effectively somebody will need to coordinate its activity and initiate communications. One or more members of the SIEF may indicate that they wish to be the SIEF Formation Facilitator (SFF). This is not a formal role in REACH, but may offer a way to get things started. Once the SIEF is active, a 'Lead Registrant' can be identified. The SFF does not need to be the same as the Lead Registrant.

The Lead Registrant's role is to produce the 'Lead dossier' to which the other joint registrants will refer. That is, the Lead Registrant will submit a complete dossier containing all the required data for physico-chemical, toxicological end environmental properties. Joint registrants submit 'partial dossiers' containing information specific to their company; for example, information about their identified uses, their production volumes or their 'version' of the substance (e.g., to account for different impurities). In these joint submissions, instead of test summaries, they simply refer back to the lead dossier.

Election and duties

SIEF members appoint a Lead Registrant. It is important to document how the Lead Registrant was elected. It is also recommended that any consortium agreement includes information on how the Lead Registrant status can be transferred.

SIEFs shall remain operational until 1 June 2018 and there must be a Lead Registrant throughout that period. 

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Lead registrant information sheet

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REACH Zinc Consortium

All substances in the scope of the Consortium, such as zinc metal, alloys and compounds (zinc oxides, sulphates etc.) manufactured in Europe and/or imported into Europe are now registered. Presently, zinc concentrates when not chemically modified seem to be exempted from the obligation to be registered but are now notified.

REACH Cadmium Consortium

All substances, such as cadmium metal, alloys and compounds (cadmium oxide, nitrates, pigments, etc.) manufactured in Europe and/or imported into Europe are or will be registered.